About Mary Pat

With my youngest child getting ready to go off to college, it was time for me to figure out what was next for me after 17 wonderful years of being at home, volunteering at school and church. I decided to become a college counselor because of three things:

  • I love teenagers.

  • I love helping people.

  • I love telling people what to do.

And there is actually a 4th – growing up, all I ever wanted to be was a teacher.  I completed UCLA's Certificate in College Counseling (awarded with distinction).  I love working with the students because every student is different.  I do not have a "one size fits all" approach to college counseling.  Everyone's path is different.  Teenagers (and parents) feel a lot of anxiety about the college process; my goal is to take that anxiety away.  80% of colleges in the United States accept at least 50% of applicants.


Before motherhood, I worked in the investment brokerage industry for 13 years where I obtained my Series 7 and insurance licenses.  I graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Detroit-Mercy.  I am honored to have been awarded the Silver Wolf award from the Eastlake PTSA and the Golden Acorn award from the Alcott PTSA.  I am a member of NACAC and PNACAC.


We moved to Seattle in 1999.  I live in Redmond with my husband Tim and our dogs Lulu and Charlie.  Charlie likes to think he is my office assistant.  We are parents of a daughter and son; we are now empty-nesters.


I see a lot of inequality in education.  I volunteer my services by putting on workshops for parents and students through the Lake Washington School Foundation whose mission is to invest in students to invest in the future.