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Will you help my child write a good essay?

While the end of the junior year is when the pace of the college process picks up, I like to meet with students starting in their freshman or sophomore year of high school.  This is typically a one-hour meeting per year.  It's good for students to set goals and know what is expected.  It is sad to watch a junior or senior realize that their earlier choices in high school may limit their college options.


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When should a student begin working with you?
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What do you charge for your services?
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I do my best to keep hours that work with students' schedules.  I work out of my home in Redmond. I am available Monday through Thursday, noon until 8 pm.   

While my preference is to meet with students in person, I realize that it is not always convenient.  I am able to work remotely with students.  Due to Covid-19, I am only meeting remotely (through Zoom).

What are your hours and where do we meet?

Absolutely!  There are more than 2,000 4-year colleges in the US.  There is a lot that goes into deciding which colleges are the right fit for a student.  And fit is important – 30% of freshmen don’t return to the college for the sophomore year.  I work with students to create a list of schools they would be excited to attend and where they have a good chance of being admitted.  I help them through the college application process and act as a buffer between parents and teens. 

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My child is an average student and doesn’t take AP classes – does it make sense to use a college counselor?
How many hours do you typically spend with a student?

While it depends on the student and his/her specific needs, the average time is 12-15 hours.  The first meeting usually takes about 1 1/2 hours; I want parents at this session so that everyone hears the same information.  I want the students to take control of the college process.  After that, I meet one-on-one with the student.  I keep parents involved in the process.


No – and you shouldn’t either.  Essays are a chance for colleges to learn more about a student and hear their voice.  I teach students how to write college essays and do brainstorming exercises that help students show colleges who they are and why the college should want them on campus.  The essay session typically takes about 2 1/2 hours (and does not include editing). I will not edit essays without the student having gone through the essay session.  This applies to transfer students also.

I bill for my time ($125 an hour). A typical student will spend 13-15 hours with me beginning in their junior year through the end of senior year. Some college counselors have families sign contracts for packages.  I offer the flexibility of using my services as needed based on what is best for the student and the family.  Cash, check, Venmo. PayPal or Visa/Mastercard are accepted as payment. Payment is appreciated for the first meeting.  After that, I send an invoice at the end of the month if there is activity. I offer a 50% coupon for the initial consultation which typically lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.  This offer is only valid for high school students.  I charge $125 an hour for transfer students and $200 an hour for graduate school students (MCAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT).