Student & Parent Comments

I was nervous to begin the process ... Mary Pat helped me better understand the selection process and to prepare for the application process ... Mary Pat deeply cares about all of her students.

Caitlin Bowers

You could not have a better person guiding you through this process.  MP is going to push you, and it might be annoying at times when you have a million other things you could be doing, but listen to her.

Katie Vlastelica

I never thought it would be necessary to come to a college counselor ... I think it is undervalued how much a college counselor like Mary Pat can do for you ... The thing that makes her special from others is that she'll also treat her students like one of her own because she genuinely cares about them.

Jonathan Chang

We have twins graduating from high school and are so thankful to have Mary Pat help us navigate through the complicated process of college selection and application.  We would recommend Mary Pat to everyone who's looking for an anxiety-free and comprehensive plan to manage this process.

Nicole Ressler

Mary Pat empowered our daughter to take ownership of her future, all the while engaging us parents in a way that showed she understood what our needs were.  I can't say enough about the positive guidance and compassion we were given through the college planning experience and how grateful we are to have had an opportunity to work with Mary Pat.

Wendy Arnett

Mary Pat has been wonderful helping our son Austin navigate through the college application and admissions process.  She built a great rapport with Austin ... and worked to develop a comprehensive list of schools that will allow him to be successful both academically and socially.

Leslie Keck

Mary Pat has a unique approach; she gets teenagers to look inward and understand what drives them before they start the college review process.  This also removed a potential stress point for our family - we had a resource we knew had our son's best interest in mind and he had an objective adult who he trusted to help him make his own decision.

Lisa Merges

Mary Pat challenged my daughter to think about a college that is right for her, not where others think she should go.  She is really open-minded and advocates for her students.

Jennifer Schmidt

Mary Pat has a way of connecting with teenagers and drawing them out of their shells.  She's there to support them and prod them (if necessary) throughout the entire process.

Heather Jones