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Unbundled Services

What are Unbundled Services?

Rather than signing a contract or making a long term commitment, these college counseling services are available individually, based on a family’s need.

The services listed below will be offered by Mary Pat O'Neil for the class of 2026 and beyond.

I meet with families Monday through Thursday from noon until 8 pm. I am available to meet in-person or remotely through Zoom. I work out of my home in Redmond and have two friendly dogs that like to say hello at the door. If dogs are an issue in any way, meeting remotely is best.

Payment processes for unbundled services are the same as other services offered. Payment is accepted via check, Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle. Payment is required within 7 days of receiving invoice.


Services Offered

An Overview of the College Process

Cost:$175 | Length: 1 - 2 Hours | For: Parents and High School Students

At this session, we will cover any questions that a family has. We will also cover the five possible things a college will ask for in a college application. We will also discuss the three types of colleges in the United States, and how the type of college dramatically impacts a student’s admissibility along with the cost of college.

Interest & Skills Assessment

Cost: $350 | Length: 1 Hour | For: High School Students & Adults

This assessment is based on Holland’s Theory of Career Development. The objective of this assessment is to determine what a student is interested in, and what the student feels they are good at. I administer the assessment to the student. I meet with students alone because I have learned students speak very differently to me without their parents present. After meeting the the student, I prepare a report which is sent to both the student and parents. This report explains the process of the assessment along with my specific recommendations from student action.

College List Creation

Cost: $500 | For: High School Students (Primarily Juniors)

I meet one-on-one with a student for 45 minutes to an hour asking questions about what a student is looking for in a college. These responses are used to create a college list based on U.S. colleges. Using a student’s data points (cumulative high school GPA and standardized test scores) and factoring in a school’s acceptance rate, the colleges will be color-coded as to the student’s admissibility. The college list will be placed on a college software account which the family will be given access through May 1st of the graduation year. I will prepare a report that is sent to the parents and student which explains what the student is looking for in a college along with how to use the college software.

Essay Services

Essays for college are written very differently than most people are used to writing. College essays should not be confused with creative writing. I don’t simply edit essays; I help students tell their stories. Some students only have a few essays to write; others may have 30. It all depends on where they are applying.

Before I review a student’s essay, I need to meet with the student first so that I understand their story.

How to Write a College Essay

Cost: $350 | Length: ~2 hours | Required for High School Students


This meeting, which lasts two hours, will teach students what colleges are looking for in an essay. I teach about the personal statement, supplemental essays, and the University of California’s Personal Insight Questions (PIQs). We do a number of exercises that help with brainstorming story ideas. I teach the importance of an essay’s opening and concluding paragraphs. A student’s goal is to tell a story that only they can tell.

Other Writing Services

Cost: $175/hr | Length: ~1 hour | For: All


For other writing, including statements of purpose and transfer essays, a meeting is required before I review any documents.

Editing Documents

Cost: $175/hr* | Length: Varies| For: All


*First drafts and any subsequent drafts received within 7 days of a deadline will be billed at $250 an hour.

Individual Meetings

Cost: $175 per hour | Length: Varies | For: Families or Students

I am available to meet with families or students to discuss the topic of their choice.

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