Hourly Rate: $150 as of January 1, 2022

Applying to college is a process and TFCC wants to make it manageable for students and families. The following are recommended sessions for high school students.

Counseling - High School Students

Initial Consultation

In addition to getting to know each other, we spend time explaining the five possible things that make up a college application.  We say possible because with over 1,900 four-year public and private colleges in the United States, colleges vary in their requirements for admission. The five possible requirements are:

  • High school transcript

  • Standardized test scores (ACT or SAT)

  • High school activity list

  • Letter(s) of recommendation

  • Essay(s)

We also discuss the three different types of colleges in the US (in-state public, out-of-state public, and private) and how the type of college impacts a student’s admissibility and cost of attendance. This session typically lasts 1.5 hours and is attended by both parents and students.  After this meeting, we primarily meet one-on-one with students while keeping parents informed. We offer a 50% off coupon for this session for all students.

Interests & Skills Assessment

Students are administered an interest and skills assessment based on Holland’s Theory of Career Development. The results help us understand how a student’s interests align with their skills. This information is important because it can help a student decide on classes to take in high school, activities to engage in, and possible college majors or careers. This session takes an hour and is for students only.  Parents are copied on the results of the assessment.

College List Creation

Junior year, we work with students to create a personalized college list that is placed on a proprietary software account.  Students and parents are given access to the account. The software offers many resources including acceptance date, deadlines, and the Fiske Guide reports. TFCC color-codes colleges to help in balancing a college list.  This session, which is only for students, takes an hour with additional time required for the list creation.  Parents are copied on the explanation of the creation of the college list and have access to the student’s software account.

Essay Writing

Many students are surprised at how different college essays are from what they have written in high school.  While not all colleges require students to submit essays, many do.  The summer before senior year, TFCC meets individually with students to teach how to write a college essay and to tell their story. At this meeting, we review a student’s college list, required application platforms, and where the student is at in the college application process. While we don’t share essays with parents, we keep parents informed on where their child is in the process. This meeting lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours; it is only for students.  Review and editing of essays is an additional service.

Additional Services

Students and parents receive regular correspondence from TFCC to stay informed on the college process.  This includes information on standardized testing, letters of recommendation, senior year checklists, and financial aid information.  TFCC is always available to meet with students and/or parents when needed in addition to the standard meetings. Some examples: mock interviewing, class selection, and summer plans.